Band Baja Baraat

Holiday on a Monday, lazed around the entire weekend and the extended day off was spent being a couch potato. Watched tele and browsed net all day. We watched a film called Band Baja Baraat on dvd. I didn’t expect anything much from the film as it starred new comers, the leading actor’s first film and the leading lady fairly new as well. But the film was a pleasant surprise.
Story set in the suburbs of Delhi about 2 college kids, the girl ambitious about starting a business and making it big in life and the guy clueless about what he wants from life. The story goes on to tell us how they come together to form a partnership, start their own business and ultimately fall in love and the consequences of that. I will not give away the entire story here ( nothing much left to say :-)) I think they both played their characters really well and film was realistic enough with crisp dialogues and script. Well on the whole it was a treat to watch. After a long time I got to watch something entertaining and not entirely meaningless after the likes of Golmaal 3 and Houseful..I don’t even want to go near ‘Tees Maar Khan’-The biggest dhud ever !