Bell tent Camping in Wales

I my hubby and our friends went camping in August last year in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Yes, I am still catching up on my posts from last year! 

We did not want the hassle of putting up our own tent-part lazy & part we didn’t trust the British weather and did not want our amateur tent to fly away leaving us stranded in the rain! So we decided we would go GLAMPING=Glamorous Camping 🙂

The Bell Tent

The Bell Tent

Inside the tent

Inside the tent

The above pictures show how the tent looked from the out & inside. We had mattresses, cushions, kitchen equipment, gas stove provided to us by the company we booked the tent with. We booked the weekend getaway with Our experience with them was pretty good. They provide you with a list of sites that you can have the tent put up on and all you need to do is contact the site owner for availability and pay a very nominal amount for the site.

Our breakfast tableOur breakfast table

Cooking our own food out in the open was such a wonderful experience…we loved it!

The area around our Campsite was quaint and lovely. Below are some pictures of places around campsite..

Food anyone??

Food anyone??




Personally I thought night time camping was the best. Spending time out in the open under the starry sky was just magical!

Just add to it a campfire, something to drink and a hukka 🙂 Cannot ask for more from life- Absolute Bliss!

Night view

Night view

Camp fire!

Camp fire!


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