Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Its 2011 and finally I’m back. Its been a long time since I have updated my blog and the reason for this is that I’m working full time now. Or so I say to convince myself that I’m not as lazy as it seems to be!
But hey! a brand new year is here and a brand new ME too! Everyone has new year resolutions, some new, some same as last year and some may have resolutions this year to fulfil pending resolutions. Whether we stick to them or no is another matter altogether 🙂
One of my new year resolutions is to regularly update my blog, which I hope to keep up. That’s just one..rest of the bunch includes-
Learning to play the Guitar
Get a better job
Join yoga classes- I need to know what it is to exercise!
Buy more shoes 🙂

Blah, blah.. I can just go on and on about the things I want to change about myself….But ultimately it just comes to the point where I do stuff if I enjoy doing it..so the bottom line is ‘enjoy what you do and you will never get bored of it’… wow, that’s a line there!

Anyways, with much enthusiasm in the new year, I wish to come up with more posts relating to cooking recipes, travel, beading projects and much more!


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